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Wow, well do I have a story for you. My name is Chyna.   I have been adopted and living in my forever home.




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  1. Ben Greenfield

    Can potential ‘parents’ come on site, face to face, with your adoptable girls and boys….a hands-on meeting??? In my careful search for a “best friend”…I want to find someone that immediately takes a shine to me..one that ‘adopts me”!!!………Have a great home and environment…..and a lot of time and love to whomever I choose……Thanks for the opportunity to come and visit..

  2. Fred Sr. Campos


    Thank you for your message and your question. Unfortunately we don’t have a staging area for our pugs so all of our rescue pugs are in foster homes. We have over 100 foster homes so our pugs are located at different locations.

    We recommend that you fill out an adoption application and we will attempt to match you with a pug according to the information listed in your application. During the process, we will host what we call a “meet & greet” where the potential adoption family meets the pug.

    With so many pugs coming in all of the time, this is the process that we have been using for 17+ years and it works for both the pugs and the prospective families.


    DFW Pug Rescue Club

  3. Tia and Tiffany

    Is chyna pottytrained i asked you guys this question 5 days ago and no one answered my question

  4. Tia and Tiffany

    Since you just posted a video of fuddy duddy and lupe can you make a video of chyna please I need to see her to see if I really want to adopt her

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