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Fuddy Duddy & Lupe



We are living the good life in our forever home!


Thank you DFW Pug Rescue!










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  1. Melinda Gandy

    I can’t tell y’all how wonderful it is – the work you are doing there to help these precious pups!! I just wish we lived close enough to come in to be of physical help in your cause!! I hope to be able to come in to adopt one or more of these precious doggies someday; they are ALL beautiful & wonderful!! Thank you ALL for all the enormous amount of work you have you done to help these poor, loving babies to get better, get healthy again and to, hopefully, find a wonderful loving forever home with special loving people who will cherish their indomitable spirit! Kudos to you & all your staff there!! I wish you the very best!! Please give my love, hugs, cuddles & kisses to all those sweet, cute Puggles until the day I can get there to do so myself! :)

    Take care,
    Melinda Gandy

  2. Fred Sr. Campos

    Hi Melinda,

    Thanks for your message. Fill out a volunteer application and one of our volunteer coordinators will be in contact with you. There are many volunteer opportunities that can be handled remotely.


    DFW Pug Rescue Club

  3. Tia and Tiffany

    I’am very intersected in these dogs, but the problem is that I live in San Antonio tx and I’am going to a upcoming trip very soon and I am very considered that someone might adopt them while I’m gone so I was wondering if you could hold them PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tia and Tiffany

  4. Fred Sr. Campos

    Hi Tia and Tiffany,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and viewing our rescue pug profiles.

    DFW Pug Rescue has a challenge of finding temporary homes until a permanent home is found so it is difficult for us to hold a specific pug. However, if you have filled out an adoption application and gone through the process, we can have the pug ready for pick up as soon as the process is completed. I don’t know when you will be traveling on your trip but I would encourage you to start the adoption process immediately.

    Please understand that we have to move the pugs through our system as quickly as possible so that we can make room for other rescues. Since we don’t have a facility to house our pugs we depend on our foster families to keep our pugs until a permanent home can be located.


    DFW Pug Rescue Club

  5. Tia and Tiffany

    Is the other dog chyna potty trained?

  6. Tia and Tiffany

    Well I can’t really do any thing now but can you just please KEEP ME UPDATED ON EVERYTHING WITH THESE DOGS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tia

    When you say they are both potty trained do you mean you just put puppy pads all around the house and they will just do there business on the puppy pads please answer

  8. Fred Sr. Campos

    Thank you for your message to DFW Pug Rescue. We evaluate our pugs while they are in foster homes and when we identify a pug as housebroken, this means that it has been trained to potty outside. Be aware that if a pug is potty trained, once they move to a permanent home, the training will need to continue so that the pug will learn the rules of the new home. We have seen situations where a pug is potty trained in one home and when they are placed in another home, the pug reverts back to its original habits. We do not consider a pug potty trained by placing puppy pads in the house.


    DFW Pug Rescue

  9. Tia

    Can you guys potty train them with puppy pads before adoption? Please answer as so i’am curious

  10. Tia

    Please answer i dont mean to be a bother

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